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AllThingsJpop Top 10 headlines of the year

23 Dec

Since 2015 is coming to an end, i might as well conclude with the Top 10 headlines of the year. These articles are ranked according to their viewership. Articles from 2014 and earlier have been left out.

1. Bunshun leaks pictures of AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki and NEWS Tegoshi Yuya..a Hakone date?
This scandal was published in June 2015 and i guess the huge picture of Yukirin and Tegoshi, arms wrapped around each other, was a huge shock. No proper news sources would report it (for Yahoo it took a few days before article was posted) but the story was already all over the Internet. Though both parties remained largely silent, to this date, we’re still getting epilogues on the mysterious relationship between Yukirin and Tegoshi.

2. AKB48 2015 Senbatsu Sousenkyo ~Unpredictable Rankings, The Tumultuous Night~: Final Results

3. Back Number sings OST theme for drama “5-ji kara 9-ji made”
This comes in as a surprise because i had no idea “5-ji kara 9-ji made” would be so successful internationally. I’ve had readers asking me for titles of tracks which i had no idea of. But no worries, CDJapan now has the OST for sale!

4.  Kisumai Fujigaya Taisuke revealed to be dating Miori Takimoto for years
I seldom post about Kisumai let alone Fujigaya so the spike in numbers for this was quite surprising. I guess Kisumai is really huge, or there could be much more shippers of the couple from “Ikemen Desu Ne” that i’m aware of.

5. AKB48 General Elections 2015: Final look at China fans’ campaigns
This article ended up being published in a Japanese matome kinda site for 48 fans, and for some reason they’d misquoted the facts. So if you read the matome sites, please be aware that not all info passed around there is TRUE.

6. Horikita Maki gets married to Koji Yamamoto after 3 months of dating!
Title is enough to let everyone’s jaws drop in shock. Their love story is even juicier.

7. Tanaki Koki sends Taguchi message of support and talks about life after KAT-TUN
I would actually rank this way higher because it was just published. Surprised that people are still interested in Koki.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my site this year! There are busier days ahead and i won’t be posting regularly but i’ll be here when there’s important news! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





Tanaki Koki sends Taguchi message of support and talks about life after KAT-TUN

17 Dec

Okay, so Tanaka Koki was interviewed recently for a New Year show (TV Osaka “Waza waza Iu Telebi”). He talked about feeling like “dying” when he left KAT-TUN.

Firstly, he confessed to finding out about Taguchi’s departure from KAT-TUN pretty much at the same time as everyone else. “We’re buddies who ate from the same rice pot. I’m having a tough time myself, but we’ve got to do what we have to do. Let’s work hard?”

He continued to talk about his own departure from the group. “At that time KAT-TUN was everything to me, so it felt empty suddenly, like i was going to die….”

He then gave some explosive insights on the current idol industry.

“Especially for female idols, they have too much service spirit. Things like hugs, underwear, date-able concepts, isn’t that no different from hostesses? There’s things like…how far will you go in your servicing?”

Continuing on his own idol days, he said “For me, i’ve gone to blind meetings which i don’t attend 80% of the time. Dated people i’ve not met in my work. On the Internet, people said i’ve dated Itano Tomomi! On the contrary, i’d like to!”

However, there’s no smoke without fire. To this, Tanaka agreed that it’s true, in a way admitting to some of his past relationship rumours.



Kame comments on Koki’s dismissal from KAT-TUN

12 Oct



Kame appeared on NihonTV’s “Zukkiri!” on 11th October and talked about Koki’s departure from KAT-TUN.

He confessed that he came to know about Koki’s dismissal from the agency 2 days after his contract was cancelled. Koki then contacted the members directly and they sat down to talk about it. It was decided that they would draw the line once and for all.

The reasons for Koki’s dismissal was due a variety of reasons like running a bar, conducting a live concert without agency consent, dj-ing at a club, trouble involving women, tattoo etc.

Kame said ” There are rules from our agency which we have to abide by. Even from our point of view, his actions were already over the top.”
When asked about the sidelines which Koki runs, Kame said “As reported, things like running a shop. We also came to notice it.”

On the future of KAT-TUN, Kame said “There’s no other way but to continue as KAT-TUN. There’s no way we will cause trouble like this again. I promise to protect the group moving forward.”


Not a fan of KAT-TUN but it’s sad that this group is breaking up like NEWS. And poor Kame has to shoulder the responsibilities of explaining this to the media! 

Tanaka Koki fired from Johnny’s, KAT-TUN to become 4-member group

12 Oct


On October 9th, Johnny & Associates, Inc. announced the cancellation of their exclusive contract with KAT-TUN‘s Tanaka Koki as of September 30. Therefore, KAT-TUN is now a 4-member group.

Below is the translation for the announcement posted on Johnny’s net website.

“We have decided to cancel our exclusive contract with KAT-TUN’s Tanaka Koki as of September 30th, due to his repeated violation of the company rules. KAT-TUN will continue their activities with 4 members after Tanaka’s withdrawal, so we would like to ask the fans for your support as you have done until now. – 2013.10.9 Johnny & Associates, Inc.”

“It is what the company’s announcement says. I told the members my gratitude for being in the group with me though I have caused so many troubles until now, and my feeling of apology that I am sorry. I am planning to continue my activities, so I will make further announcement when the details are set. – 2013.10.9 Tanaka Koki”

“To our fans and people concerned, we are terribly sorry for causing trouble this time. In order for us to raise the group’s consciousness, we have had many talks, but we are very disappointed that it ended up like this for our member who we have been together for over 10 years. From now on, KAT-TUN’s activities will continue with 4 members, so please continue to support us. – 2013.10.9 KAT-TUN”