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Tegomass performs new song “Aoiro Juvenile” on Music Station

18 Jan

Tegomass talk about how they spend New Year’s Eve, and they talk about Johnny’s Countdown which is an annual affair for everyone in Johnny’s Entertainment. They revealed that their daisenpai Higashiyama always gives out “spending money” aka “otoshidama” to the juniors irregardless of their age. The MC was shocked that the duo are still accepting “otoshidama” at age 26 but Tegomass said even TOKIO’s Joshima accepts it.

They then proceeded to sing “Aoiro Juvenile”, which is an upbeat song that talks about youth.


Tegomass 4th Album ‘Tegomass no Seishun’

13 Jan

Tegomass is back with an album after 2 years! This album is a collection of nostalgic and refreshing music. It includes two single songs “Sayonara ni Sayonara” and “Neko Chudoku” as well as songs provided by popular artists such as The Gospellers and DEPAPEPE.

The limited edition comes with 28-page booklet and a DVD including a Music Clip + Making + Interview of “Hikari” (Light). The regular edition comes with a 16-page booklet and 2 bonus tracks. One of those two bonus songs “Tsuki no Tomodachi” (Friend of the Moon) is written by Tegomass. Lyrics written by Masuda Takahisa, music composed by Tegoshi Yuya and arrangement by Chino Yoshihiko (Tegomass band master).

Catch the MV preview of their new song “Hikari”!


As usual, light and healing ballads from Tegomass..