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Sato Takeru talks about his preference for soft and fluffy girls

28 Apr

Sato Takeru appeared on “Shin Chubo Desu Yo!” to promote his new drama “Tenno no Ryoriban” on the 25th April and showed off his cooking skills. During the show, he was asked about his ideal type of girl.

“I don’t really talk much, so someone who’s good at talking to me,” said Sato. With regards to fashion,he prefers girls who dress “soft and fluffy” as opposed to skintight clothes.

Meanwhile, “Tennou no Ryori Ban” got off to a good start clocking 15.1% in ratings. The storyline is about a young guy who sets off for Tokyo to learn about western culinary. He eventually becomes the cook for the Emperor of Japan.


Inserting the youtube video so i can learn to cook omurice. Omurice is one of my favourite Japanese food!