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Itano Tomomi and Akimoto Sayaka’s theater graduations to be streamed live

17 Aug

With the impending graduations of these girls, Japanese video streaming community Nico Nico will be broadcasting their last theater stages in Akihabara live! Details below…

Itano Tomomi
Date: 27th August 2013 (Tues)
Japanese time: 5pm
Link to watch: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv147009066

Akimoto Sayaka
Date: 28th August 2013 (Wed)
Japanese time: 4.30pm
Link to watch: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv147009287

I have not used Nico Nico myself but unlike YouTube, watching videos on Nico Nico requires one to register an account. Do prepare yourself if you intend to watch it live!


Tomochin’s graduation special on Music Station

11 Aug

On 9th August 2013, Itano Tomomi(Tomochin) held her last performance with AKB48 on Music Station. It was yet another evening of tears for fans and members, especially since Shinoda Mariko graduated not long ago on the same stage.

A medley of songs “Koisuru Fortune Cookie/Sakura no Hanabitachi/Ogoe Diamond/Saigo no Door” were presented, the last being Tomochin’s graduation song specially written for her by producer Akimoto Yasushi.

Her last message on stage: “I joined AKB48 when i was 14, and this is the 8th year. There were happy, sad and tough moments, but because fans, staff and members were around, i was able to overcome it.  Music Station is a program i’ve liked since i was young. I will work hard to return to Music Station.”

Translation of Saigo no Door:

Don’t say anymore, pls let me stay like this awhile more
Let me open that door
Memories flow out from the shades, like waterfalls at night
The memories when we first met(those nostalgic days)
The roads we walked together, the countless footprints, the dreams we seeked when we were lost
The last words i wanna say, are words of thanks
Even if i think about it, i have nothing but words of gratitude
If i didn’t meet you, i wouldn’t be here
This is not an ending, but a fresh start
The last thing i can do is to smile and part
No matter how lonely i am, i have to go
Even if tears fall, it will stop
Yes, lets meet in the future

“I’ll wait for you in the future”

Itano Tomomi, Shimazaki Haruka show off their sisterly bond

29 Jun

AKB48’s Itano Tomomi and Shimazaki Haruka attended an event for Samantha Thavasa group’s fashion talk show, held at the Tokyo Sky Tree on 28th June 2013. Itano was there as the model for Samantha Vega, while Paruru was there as the model for Will Selection.

The two who are close in private started off by talking about Itano’s latest CM for Samantha Vega, which was filmed in New York. When Paruru was asked about Itano’s CM, she said “I watched it on TV at home. As my family are all fans of her, we were in awe.”

Itano also talked about the first time when she met Paruru. “I thought she looked cute. I’m not someone who starts a conversation, but later she sat next to me on a music show, so i talked to her again, and the conversation was interesting so i warmed up to her. Later, i got a dog who looks like her so there’s a sort of familiarity when i see her.” Upon hearing this, Paruru responded “So we’re not sisters, i’m like her pet.”

When asked if they borrow clothes from each other, Itano said Paruru would never borrow since their tastes are different. “When i give her advice during our shopping trips, she’ll say ‘I’ll think about it..’ and end it there,” said Itano. Paruru explained “That’s because her sense is so good that i can’t keep up.”

They also recalled an episode when they went out together while filming the 32nd single music video in Fukuoka. Even though there was only a break of 45 mins, they risked an oncoming storm and went out to a park to play.

At the end of the event, Itano said “I don’t go out to eat with other juniors, only Paruru seems to click with me.” For Paruru, she was happy to have Tomochin who takes care of her like an elder sister and brings her out to eat.

Moving on to Itano’s upcoming graduation, Paruru said she’s already feeling lonely. Tomochin promised to look after her even after her graduation but she’s worried if Paruru will be OK alone, to which Paruru replied “I’m worried!”


Maeda Atsuko to make a comeback with AKB48 in Sapporo Dome Concert

17 Jun

It has been announced in one of AKB48’s handshake sessions that Maeda Atsuko will be reuniting with the group for a one-night concert in Sapporo Dome on 31st July 2013. As she will be releasing her 3rd solo single in September, the new song will also be revealed in the concert. This is the first time Acchan will be performing with the group ever since her graduation, and the news was met with fans’ loud cheers.

Acchan has been concentrating on acting work so far but she has always shown concern for AKB48’s activities. Despite having just returned from overseas, she visited Nissan Stadium during the AKB48 5th General Elections this year to show support for the group. When asked about her upcoming performance with the group, she said “I’m looking forward to it.”.

In addition, graduation dates for Shinoda Mariko, Akimoto Sayaka and Itano Tomomi were officially announced. Shinoda Mariko will be graduating in Fukuoka Dome on 21st July, while Akimoto Sayaka and Itano Tomomi will be graduating in Tokyo Dome on the 22nd and 25th August respectively. This also means that the Sapporo Dome concert will be the last time Itano, Akimoto and Acchan will stand on stage together.



Netizen Reactions

“I can accept it if it’s Maeda. Just don’t call Kasai.”
“Its better for her not to get involved with AKB!”
“Maeda is so cute. Her fashion sense is good too!”
“She’s so glamorous! On the other hand, if you compare her to the one who got No.1 a few days back..”
“I want to go to Sapporo!”

Itano Tomomi compilation of “1%” performances

12 Jun


Itano Tomomi is releasing her 4th solo single “1%”  today and she’s starting to promote the song on TV.
For this comeback, she’s returning to her roots as a dancer by choosing a mid-tempo dance number.
Check out the catchy tune and choreography below.

To be updated..


Itano Tomomi’s 4th solo single “1%” will be released for sale today.
If you’re interested in purchasing her single “1%”, click on the pictures below.

1% / Tomomi Itano Type A(CD+DVD)

1% / Tomomi Itano Type B(CD+DVD)

1% / Tomomi Itano Regular (CD)

Itano Tomomi aims for No.1 with “Sayonara Crawl” single

15 May

On the latest episode of “Kayou Kyouku”, the girls were interviewed about their 31st single “Sayonara Crawl”, set to release on 22nd May.

MC Nakai: I thought Itano is quitting?!
Tomochin: It’s my last election, so i’ll take part in all the activities in the meantime.
MC Nakai: What are you aiming for in this election?
Tomochin: My target…is getting No.1! (Everyone claps)
Tomochin: I’m joking!!!

Itano Tomomi to release 4th solo single, 1%

22 Apr


AKB48’s  Itano Tomomi(21) is set to release her 4th solo single titled “1%” on June 12th. This is long awaited news for many fans since her previous solo release was 1 year and 2 months ago. The music video for this single was shot on the rooftop of a skyscraper in New York, with the night view of NYC as the backdrop. The song is a dance number which talks about the love you’ll go for even with only 1% of success.

“I’ve always wanted to shoot in New York. I had many meetings for the clothes and PV, so it should have turned out well. Pls look forward to it!” she said.

During her stay in New York, Tomochin also co-starred with Taylor Momsen in Samantha Vega’s new CM, attracting lots of paparazzi. The CM will air in end May.


Itano Tomomi’s Twitter

I’m glad she’s coming back with a dance song! Dear J really defined her so she should continue with that style. Her 2nd/3rd singles were practically career suicidal!