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Compilation of AKB48 “Tsubasa wa Iranai” performances

14 Jun

AKBingo – Young Generation version
I love these Egyptian style costumes…

AKB48 Show
These flowery costumes are hideous..

Bohemian style is nice too..

Buzz Rhythm


Drama PV for AKB48 Voting Single “Tsubasa wa Iranai”

30 May

The storyline is set in Tokyo during 1972. Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki, Yamamoto Sayake and Mukaichi Mion(center) are friends who live in the same dorm and go to the same campus. Each of them hold different dreams – with Sayanee set to debut as a folk singer, Mayu aspiring to be a poet, Yukirin a volleyball player and Mion a filmmaker. While at the public bathhouse, the 4 talk about doing something memorable before graduating and Mayu suggests holding a concert during the student rally.

Mion asks Sayanee to perform, given her status as an award winning folk singer. Sayanee then requests for Mayu to write the lyrics, since she’s the poet.

Things move along smoothly, until Mayu meets a bad guy who cheats her feelings and money. Mayu visits the gynaecologist(probably found out that she’s pregnant). Sayanee tries to convince her the guy is bad but Mayu refuses to listen and slaps her.

Mayu thinks back and regrets thinking too simply of the future. She makes a call back home and confessed”Mum, i’ve lost to Tokyo.” She decides to leave, but not before finishing the lyrics to “Tsubasa wa Iranai”. Before her train departs, she passes the lyrics to Sayanee and tells her to continue their dreams.

However, Sayanee is also facing opposition from her manager regarding the performance at the student rally. She tells Mion she’s giving up and they get into a fight. Mion finds that her friends are leaving 1 by 1 (Yukirin had confessed to liking her so their relationship grew awkward.) She decides to helm the concert alone.

11 months later, she took the stage alone and was mocked at by the audience for her poor performance. Later, she regains strength when the girls and cafe ojisan(who taught her guitar) came to join her.

Rest of the coupling MVs:

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Team K – Aishuu no Trumpeter

Team B – Koi wo Suru to Baka wo Miru

Team 4 – Kangaeru Hito

Team 8 – Yume e no Rule

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MV for AKB48 voting single “Tsubasa wa Iranai”

5 May

The music video of AKB48 new single “Tsubasa wa Iranai”(to be released 1st June 2016) has been unveiled. The MV takes us back in time to 1972 when student protests were popular.

The 12 minute drama tells the story of 4 leads who live in the same hostel and go to the same campus – Yamamoto Sayaka(folk singer), Kashiwagi Yuki(volleyball player), Watanabe Mayu(poet) and Mukaichi Mion(documentary filmmaker). Highlights include Watanabe being cheated by a bad guy, Yukirin’s affections for Mion, Yamamoto’s fight with Mion, and a bathing scene of the 4.

Center Mukaichi Mion, who was a child actress, commented “In terms of acting, i can’t say i remember the feelings from my acting days so it was difficult, but it was enjoyable while filming the fight scenes with Yamamoto san and various others with Yukirin san. Personally i like Yukirin san’s acting so i learnt alot.”

“It’s something that the elderly would feel akin to. In fact, the younger generations will discover that there’s a period like that. It’d be great if everyone can get a feeling of that time while listening to the song.”


Update: Longer version

If i had wings, i would fly to the sky
I thought about where i can fly to
I would ride on the wind and cross the clouds
I can’t think of anywhere I want to go

Even if i don’t fly, i can walk
I don’t have to hurry, happiness is waiting for me
I don’t need wings, i just need dreams
Threading on land, I’ll just walk slowly

Even if i don’t fly, i can walk
With what i have in hand, i can be happy

I don’t need wings, the me now is good enough
Before thinking about the long road ahead,
I’ll walk with my dreams in mind(x2)

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