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48Group talk about their handshake events on UTAGE!

10 Sep

From 12:00~

Nakai: How much does AKB48 sell?
48Girls: 1.5million?
Nakai: Why?
Sasshi: Previously the “Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai” CD was a sousenkyo single so it came with voting tickets.
Nakai: I kinda understand that, but what about the previous singles?
Sasshi: Handshake tickets. You can buy them without limits.
Nakai: So if you buy 10 CDs you can do the handshakes 10 times?
Sasshi: You can also combine the tickets and talk for a very long time.
Nakai: Who is the most popular member?
Miichan: For handshakes there are certain members, for goods sales there’s others.
Nakai: So who is the best at goods sales?
Miichan: Paruru is doing well in calendar sales but if you go to her handshakes you won’t feel good…
Nakai: That’s because of her saltiness?
Miichan: Yes, so if she offers “kami taiyou” (godly service) she’d be great.
Nakai: So who are the “kami taiyou” members?
Sasshi: The pioneers are Yukirin and then Sayanee.

Yamamoto Sayaka demonstrates her handshake skills with Kisumai’s Miyata
Sayanee: *waves excitedly* Hello, thank you!
Miyata: Oh your hair is so pretty and your eyes are cute!
Sayanee: Oh? Thanks! *Handshake ends*
Miyata: Omg! I understand! As you walk away you will certainly like her!Next time i’ll aim for 20seconds and buy 2 copies! 10 seconds is a good timeframe! Not too short and not too long – it makes you want to meet her again.
Sasshi: My record is talking to someone for 1.5hrs. At that time he took out 300~400 tickets and we sat down to talk. I even know his workplace.

So apparently the amount of money needed to talk to Sasshi for 1.5hrs is USD$10,000. This makes AKB48 sound like the typical hostess club in Japan.

[Updated]AKB48 Watanabe Mayu receives a love confession on UTAGE!

1 Sep

In this week’s UTAGE!, Pokota appeared as a surprise guest much to the shock of AKB48 Watanabe Mayu. Pokota has guested on UTAGE! in the past and his serenation of Mayuyu(and her aversion to him) is a running gag in the show.

At first, they were doing the opening talk. Pokota was hiding in the tent behind Mayu.

Pokota creeps up to Mayuyu without her knowledge.

Shocked at seeing Pokota next to her,Mayu ran away.

Pokota continues to torment her with his GACKT style serenades.

Pokota then tries to forge a bond with Mayu. “I was born in Saitama(Urawa) too,” he said.

Mayu was from Saitama Omiya and shudders to know that they actually lived close to each other.(On google map,it’s actually only 4 stations apart.)

Pokota: If it’s Saitama, then the distance between us makes us closer?

Mayu: It’s THE WORST!

Pokota attacks her with his serenades again and Mayu loses her shoe while running away.

After the trauma, she cleans her soiled feet. “I hate it. My life’s just been shortened by 5 years.”

During dinner, Sasshi reveals that Mayu actually seems excited whenever Pokota appears.
Sasshi: She’s been like that for a long time. Actually after meeting him for the 1st time, she’d send me videos of Pokota. When he’s scheduled to appear, she’d say ‘Sasshi, Pokota san is coming!’ like she’s very happy.

Mayu of course furiously denies.

Pokota is grinning from ear to ear and moves over to Mayu’s side.

He serenades Mayuyu again and gets his standard whack from Nakai.

After settling down again, Mayu comments “Definitely impossible, THAT”

Nakai: Can you guys (for the sake of UTAGE) get papp-ed for once?
Mayu: It’ll be easier for me to die.

Pokota: Actually i asked my agency if i could go directly to her handshake event.
Nakai: You already bought the CD?
Pokota:  Yes,  but they stopped me and said i’m already old enough so i shouldn’t make things difficult for her. On this occasion, let me express my thoughts.(He stands up and everyone goes into a state of disbelief.)

Mayu: This is my first time getting confessed to. I don’t want it to be him!

Pokota: It was partially an act at first, but when i realised it, i’d started entering “Watanabe Mayu” into my TV record settings…..I LIKE YOU!

Sasshi and Sayanee are either growing embarrassed or turning jelly.

Nakai: You love her?
Pokota: Well i’d have to know her better first.. (Everyone comments ‘he’s serious!’)

Mayu couldn’t believe what she’d heard.
Kisumai Senga: He’s probably serious.
Nakai to Mayu: If he’s not lying, are you happy?
Mayu: Ye….Ye…..s. Of cos to receive feelings like that, i’m happy.

Nakai to Pokota: You’ll be happy just to hear that she’s happy?
Pokota: Ye……ye….s.(He seems to be at a loss for words.)

Nakai to Sashihara: What is Watanabe thinking?
Sashihara: I think she doesn’t really care about it.

Idol talk about relationships and graduation on UTAGE Summer Camp Special

19 Aug

This week, the regular guests of UTAGE embarked on a camping trip to Saitama. During the bus ride, topics about idol dating and graduation were brought up.

Morning Musume
NMB48 Sayanee asked ex-morning musume member Yasuda Kei: Did you date anyone while in Morning Musume?
Nakai: Does that mean you have someone?”
Sayanee: Yes…ah no!
Nakai: You just said yes!
Sayanee: *blabbers*
Nakai: How are you going to get around this? Do you mean how to go about hiding the relationship?
Sayanee: Well that could be it as well..
Yasuda: I didn’t have anyone. It was strict in Morning Musume so if there’s someone you like you’ll have to leave the guy or the group.Sometimes, the member would be exposed and she’d graduate..
Nakai: Whose that? Yaguchi right?
Yasuda: Yaguchi was photographed with someone and she quit.
(*This is probably the Oguri Shun incident.)

Nakai: Sashihara also experienced that? Like going bald or getting exiled somewhere?
Sasshi: Yes, but the punishment is different. Not sure about now but in the past there was punishment.
Nakai: So everyone observes the love ban rule?
Sasshi: Isn’t that the case? *silence dawns*
Nakai: So you girls don’t get into relationships *Sasshi stops responding*
Mayu: Yes. *Sasshi and Minegishi then echoes Mayu.*
Sasshi: During this time, if i declare a No, and in future if i get exposed, i’d get slammed for saying this on UTAGE!
Nakai: Watanabe do you have a boyfriend?
Mayu: No! I’m really careful about it.

Aya: We don’t have the rule,but no time to date. The younger members live in a dorm, and after work they’d be sent straight there. Guys and even the parents can’t enter. There’s a curfew too.
Nakai: What if a guy was caught there?
Aya: That’d be a huge problem. Firstly, the members would talk amongst themselves.We set our rules.
Nakai: Would Hiro(LDH CEO) appear?
Aya: He won’t..but he might.

Regarding graduation
Nakai: If you continue this way, you’ll reach 40 sooner or later?
Mayu: But i won’t be in AKB forever.
Nakai: When will you stay on till?
Sasshi: Everyone’s close(to graduating).
Nakai: Watanabe are you graduating soon?
Mayu: I haven’t decided but it’s in my vision now.
Sasshi: I want to quit.
Sayanee: About time to plan..
Sasshi: From now, everyone will be graduating..
Busaiku’s Yokoo: Is that because everyone has their dreams like being an actress?
Sayanee: I want to be a solo artiste.
Minegishi: I haven’t decided yet. Because of that i feel scared of leaving AKB.
Sasshi: I haven’t decided but i won’t be singing anymore.I won’t be an idol too. I want to be in variety but there are many female talents and i’m somehow doing it..
Mayu: I want to do acting seriously, but of course while in AKB, jobs like dramas and stage plays can’t fit in.

There are many pathways these girls can seek after graduation, but i think the long lasting option is to be an actress. Glad Mayu has chosen this path even though she’d do well being a singer any day. That said, she needs to graduate ASAP lest more actress wannabes from AKB enter the industry.

Busaiku and SKE48 couple up for the sweetest dance routine on UTAGE Christmas Special

10 Dec

UTAGE! is a weekly music show hosted by SMAP’s Nakai and AKB48 Watanabe Mayu. Every week invited guests take turns to cover songs requested by the audience.

This week, SKE48 and Kis-My-Ft2 subunit Busaiku coupled up to backdance for Ninomiya Ai as she covers Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You“.

As it was the first time for both idol units to be dancing with each other, their atmosphere behind the scenes was a curious point of discussion. Apparently, the members of Busaiku were shy and couldn’t look at the SKE48 members in their eyes. Jurina complained that Senga Kento was looking at her mouth, while Rena pointed out that Takashi Nikaido was fixated on Ryoha’s stomach. What did you think of their performance?

The choreographer behind this dance is Kaba-chan, the same person for HKT48’s single “Hikamae I Love You”.The choreography was certainly playful and cute, although there could have been more interactions or some skinship between the couples.

Talk part

T.M Revolution’s Nishikawa: “The girls’ costumes were very cute, but somehow it looked like they were dancing with their managers.

Kitagawa Ryoha was asked if Nikaido finally met her eyes. “It felt forced..”

Nakai: “Look at her..she’s going to cry. You don’t have to mind! If anything happens i will protect you!”

Matsui Rena also spills the beans on Miyata Toshiya. “During the rehearsal, he said he has a Christmas face. I wonder what that means.”

Miyata Toshiya: “My fans always tell me they’d feel happy if they look at my face.”

Nakai: “In the first place, these girls aren’t your fans!”


For those interested, rest of show below.

SKE48 – 12gatsu no Kangaroo

Full Show