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Compilation of SKE48 12th single “Uzukushii Inazuma” performances

18 Aug

I haven’t done a proper review of SKE48’s new song so here it is.

Major Upgrade
Following the wild and sexy preview from their MV, we finally got to see the song performed live on Japan’s music shows. I would say this song is a major upgrade from their previous singles because of the fierce dance choreography. I always enjoy watching SKE48’s dances – full of energy and precision. Thankfully, their management decided to take advantage of this strength so we can see what SKE48 is all about.

Power combo Jurina-Rena
Aside from the dance, i’m finding the Jurina-Rena(JR) combo particularly eye-catching this time. In one of the performances, Jurina was absent and Yuria paired with Rena to center the song. I was kinda disappointed because Yuria has the “cute” look and was unable to give off a fierce gaze, so my attention was on Rena the whole time. When Jurina came back, the whole perf became more enjoyable to watch, particularly the interplay part in the middle where JR exchanged solo lines. So the question is, can SKE48 do without any of these pillars? I really doubt so. In the past, Takayanagi Akane used to sub for Jurina when she couldn’t perform and she really did a good job. But times have changed and management’s focus seem to be on the younger generation now.

Rise of the next-generation aces
After the mass graduation of 10 members this year, including senbatsu members Hata Sawako, Ogiso Shiori and Yagami Kumi, the management seems to be pushing the younger generation now. Looking at the lineup in these performances, the next generation aces seem to be Kimoto Kanon, Kizaki Yuria, Furuhata Nao and of cos Oba Mina(AKB48). Poor Akane has to give up her 3rd spot to someone else who can’t perform as well as her!

Music Fair (live singing)

Music Dragon (Yuria and Manatsu as centers)


The Music Day Ongaku no Chikara

Hey!Hey!Hey! Comeback Special

Ongaku no Hi


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MVs of coupling songs for SKE48 12th single “Uzukushii Inazuma”

19 Jul

SKE48’s 12th single started selling on July 17th, and this single marks the first release since the group went through a team shuffle back in April. With the change in group dynamics, each team gets to show their new color through a coupling song included in the single. Lets take a look at the new teams below!

Team S – Jyuri Jyuri Baby!
With Rena’s departure to Team E and Yagami Kumi’s graduation, Team S may seem to have lost alot of star power, but this may very well be the management’s strategy to make Jurina a bigger star than she already is. The MV starts off with Jurina appealing to the Devil to continue helping Team S to scale greater heights (cheesy storyline i know). The Devil refuses at first, but agrees later on the condition that Team S win his bodyguards in a battle. Team S then show off their new look with a cool performance of Jyuri Jyuri Baby(no doubt somewhat titled after Jurina), which impressed the Devil. The rest is just cringe-worthy scenes of the girls celebrating the Devil’s recognition in them.

Storyline aside, i really like this song for its catchy tune and lyrics. Actually the MV would have been enough with just Jurina, but several girls were able to show their cool side as well. My thumbs-up goes to Ishida Anna whose expressions and grooves show that she’s enjoying this the most!

Team KII – Futari Dake no Parade
Hmm this MV is the typical bright and cheerful kind that gives us alot of closeup shots of the members. With Akari/Oba Mina’s transfer into KII and the rise of the younger generation, i was worried that Akane will get pushed behind in favour of these fresh members, but thankfully she’s still the center and got the screen time she deserves. This MV may be bland, but Akane/Akari/Minarun’s pretty profiles are worth a look.

Team E – Shalala na Calendar
This is a light-hearted songs that showcases the innocent charms of the youngest team in SKE48. Donning glasses and changing into pompom dresses….. this MV is obviously aimed at lolicons/otakus. Rena is said to be a lolicon herself so she should be happy in this team, but i do find it a waste for her to be here, when she could have been doing cool/sexy stuff in Team S. Sure she’s still the center and everything, but i hope the management recognizes her individual talent as well.

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SKE48’s wild and sexy PV for new song “Uzukushii Inazuma”

14 Jun

SKE48 is back with a fierce and sexy song for their summer release!

Titled “Uzukushii Inazuma”, the MV was filmed on the sandy shores of Okinawa. The girls showcased wild and sexy charms as they dance in front of a fire. At first, i thought this song would suit Matsui Jurina best, but the person who caught my eye was Matsui Rena. She looked stunning in her solo scenes and even had a solo singing part! The way this PV was edited, i’d even think Rena is the only center.

Senbatsu Members:
Ishida Anna, Oya Masana, Kizaki Yuria, Niidoi Sayaka, Matsui Jurina, Mukaida Manatsu, Yakata Miki, Oba Mina, Suda Akari, Takayanagi Akane, Furukawa Airi, Kinoshita Yukiko, Suga Nanako, Matsui Rena, Kimoto Kanon, Furuhata Nao

Looking to purchase SKE48’s new single? Check out the different versions below.