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No eligible candidates to succeed WMatsui in SKE48?

5 Feb

This article touches on the difficulties of finding a face to represent SKE48 in future. I do find it a pressing issue as WMatsui have been helming the group for years. With Rena getting older and probably also thinking about graduating soon, who can stand alongside Jurina to bring the group to its next era?

In a publication this month, Matsui Rena said “I’ve been thinking alot about how important it is to discover the group’s next center.”.

On SKE48’s official site, the member who is No.3 after WMatsui is Kizaki Yuria(17), known for her dance skills. “She can dance and has high popularity, but lacks charisma. If we talk about glamour, then it’s Kitagawa Ryoha,” said a media representative. Kitagawa Ryoha is a research student but has been selected as senbatsu for the group’s single recently.

Matsui Jurina said at the ending of their recent dome concert “We won’t be satisfied just because we’ve managed to do a dome concert. We’ll aim to be the best in Japan and in the world”. If that’s the case, finding the next center is a pressing issue. Afterall, sales of NMB48 and NGK46 are catching up, so evolution is necessary.