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Hey!Say!JUMP Nakajima Yuto spotted on a date with actress Yoshida Yo

11 Apr

I wanted to post something about Keyakizaka but this overshadows everything else…

According to Shukan Post, Actress Yoshida Yo(42) has been papp-ed with an idol 20 years her junior, and the guy in question is none other than Hey!Say!JUMP’s Nakajima Yuto(22).

At the end of March, Nakajima was spotted coming out from Yoshida’s mansion with a cap and mask over his face. 15 seconds later, Yoshida followed from behind with a similar disguise. Once they reached the main road, Nakajima hailed for a taxi and Yoshida suddenly dashed forward and boarded the taxi with him. Their destination was a popular restaurant nearby. Both sat next to each other in their disguse and enjoyed beer and the popular coriander salad. It was 1 hr later before they left.

Nakajima was heard saying “Yo san, gochisousama” (This means Yoshida treated him.)

Yoshida acknowleged it with a smile on her face, then wrapped herself around his arms. They returned to her mansion in this manner. It was 9 am the next morning when Yoshida left for work, and afternoon when Nakajima left.

They spent 7 days together like this.

While both have acted in various projects, they have never worked on the same drama together. They were introduced to each other via the owner of a bar they frequent and got close recently. Photos of them holding hands after their date is also going to be published.

Yoshida’s agency did not reply to reports about her relationship.

Johnny’s Entertainment said “It seems like he was seeking advice from a senior in the industry. They are not dating.”

However, Shukan Post reported that Nakajima holds the key to her house and has been entering and leaving her house freely.


Update: Photo of them holding hands


Feels weird but Yoshida Yo is such a charismatic actress!