Full PV for AKB48 42nd single “Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby”

1 Dec

Short PV

(For full PV, pls visit Link 1 or Link 2)

If you find this MV familiar it’s because the filming location is the same as that for “Aitakatta”, which was the group’s debut song in 2006. The lighthouse, train and farewell scenes, funny and touching drama scenes all pay homage to the group’s debut song.

Takahashi Minami talked about the concept of this MV. “The theme is ‘passing the baton’. We revisited the filming site for debut song ‘Aitakatta’ and it was good to film while reminiscing the past. The song is bright and idol-like.With this, parting is not necessarily sad. The MV shows things like hope moving forward.


Messages which Takamina left for the members in MV

To Sayaka: After i graduate, if there’s anything feel free to talk to me.I want to be your strength.Don’t force yourself,create an environment where you can relax. This is surely good for NMB as well.

To Jurina: Jurina is always working hard at the frontline,leading everyone,so you can’t see anything else. It’s also important to slow down and take a look around you. You’re missing important stuff even though they’re in your line of vision. Do treasure the comrades around you. You’re not alone.

To Sakura: I don’t dislike the way you run.It’s because you’re putting in your best. You don’t have to mind when someone laughs at you. It’s fine even if you’re slow.

To Kitahara: You’re going to be a senior and the example for many.But it’s not a situation where you have to hide your weakness from them. Be confident. Show them your weak side too.If it’s KitaRie, they’ll certainly follow you.

To Sashihara: Asobina Asobina~

To Paruru: Please take your time and rest. Recover slowly!


Purchase their single below:

Limited Type A


Limited Type B

Limited Type C

Limited Type D

Regular Type A

Regular Type B


Regular Type C


Regular Type D



One Response to “Full PV for AKB48 42nd single “Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby””

  1. Denny Sinnoh December 9, 2015 at 10:58 am #

    Sit down, let me buy you a drink. Hope you have been well.

    I like that you provide the extra links now that YouTube has gone to stink. I watched it on Jpopsuki .. I know that is another way of saying I have a lot of time on my hands. It gets there eventually.

    Anyway, wudda ya think of the song? It did not grab me at first but now it has its hooks in me. I will but a used copy on eBay some day.

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