AKB48 performs new charity song “Tenohira ga Kataru Koto” on NHK “Ashite E” Concert

11 Mar

The song “Tenohira ga Kataru Koto” is a beautiful ballad written by Akimoto Yasushi to send his heart out to victims of the Tohoku earthquake. The lyrics talks about how little efforts to reconstruct the disaster areas can turn into something huge if everyone works together. As a treat to fans, the song can be downloaded for free through their special site here. Donations to the Tohoku victims are also being collected and proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Translated Lyrics( credit naruse@stage48)
There is only so much
That you can grasp with your palms alone
Even if you try open your fingers wide
Something would fall through

Even so, I give my hand
Over and over again
Let’s secretly gather up
The sands for the future that’s in front of our eyes

Dreams always begin from one person
Do the things you want to do now
Until you forget that time is actually passing
Even if the your hands turn out to be small
If you just continue to scoop effortlessly
Someday it’ll turn into a mountain

Even before you say anything
Try to tightly grasp the sands with your hands
Don’t worry about
How big your hands actually are

Compared to the sky humans seem tiny
But we can all start anew

Dreams are something that we help each other in
We should gather up all the fallen sands
And pile them up little by little
Even if you don’t draw much attention
As long as there are a few hands
A mountain can definitely be made

La La La

What our hands show

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