NewS Tegoshi Yuya caught in scandal with SKE48 Kito Momona

14 Jul

Today brought a revelation on the mysterious lady that Tegoshi Yuya (25) was caught embracing a few weeks ago. With much regret, tabloids across Japan reported that Tegoshi’s lovely mistress of the night was not NEWS’ manager, dowager empress Julie Keiko Fujishima, but rather SKE48’s darling 19-year-old Kito Momona. Fangirls hoping to hook up with Tego in the future should note it looks like he has a definite type, [very young and in the AKB family]. Good luck, Girls!

Awkward pawing and necking aside, the big news here is that Kito Momona is only 19, and the legal drinking age in Japan is 20. While Momo is no stranger to scandal, neither is NEWS. And the combination of alcohol and minors is a big deal, as NEWS fans should already know. To quickly summarize, in 2005, NEWS’ very own Uchi Hiroki was exiled from the group for underage drinking at the delicate age of 18. FujiTV announcer Yukino Kikuma (33 at the time) was caught with him and even arrested. Infuriated fans, political pressure, and threats from Johnny & Associates forced Fuji to remove Yukino from the air for months.

Surely some backlash must come from these newly revealed details. Wota won’t take kindly to their devoted Momona ditching them for an all-nighter with some D-list Johnny.

Meanwhile, after having already set their own harsh precedent for dealing with underage drinking, will Johnny & Associates really be allowed to ignore Tegoshi’s presence at a boozy party with underage girls?

No doubt more can be expected from this story in the future.


4 Responses to “NewS Tegoshi Yuya caught in scandal with SKE48 Kito Momona”

  1. Milagros A. Raguin July 16, 2013 at 3:00 pm #

    I AM A BIG FAN OF NEWS and my ichi-ban is TEGOSHI YUYA. This incident made me very very sad not just because I LOOK UP TO HIM but also because this will again dampen the spirits of the NEWS fans. Ryo-Pi’s leaving NEWS in 2011 made a big blow in the NEWS fandom. Good thing, the remaining 4 members (with Koyama’s leadership) decided to continue the legacy of making/singing good songs fro their fans. Their Utsukushi Concert held last year was a proof that their fans stood by them through thick and thin.
    I wish that this scandal will be the LAST from them and from JE. May this incident serve Tegoshi and his co-workers in the entertainment industry a lesson. As a celebrity, he has the responsibility to keep his image clean, decent and worth emulating. I STILL RESPECT and LOVE him no matter what and I will try to understand that this is just one of his weaknesses as a person. TEGO-NYAN DAISUKI!!!

    • allthingsjpop July 19, 2013 at 12:03 am #

      I kinda understand how you feel as my ichi-bans were RyoPi last time. I haven’t been paying much attention to what’s left of NEWS since they left, but their recent album brought back memories of what i loved about NEWS. To me, Tegoshi’s scandal is a small thing compared to the RyoPi saga. I mean..he’s pretty flirty on stage, so no surprise he’s like that in private. I guess this incident will just be buried by his agency just like all other scandals…and i’m okay as long as NEWS continues to produce good music.

  2. dd48 September 2, 2015 at 12:22 am #

    no worry, that girl has now become a porn star…


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