NMB48 to release 10th single “Rashikunai”

It hasn’t been long since i wrote about Ibiza Girl and here’s a new single again..seriously can’t keep up with these releases! 

NMB48 performed their new single “Rashikunai” for the first time during their 4th Anniversay Live at Grand Cube Osaka on the 14th October.

This single will be released on the 5th November, the same day of NMB48’s first theater performance 4 years ago.

In a refreshing change, longstanding centers Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki have been replaced by next generation aces Shiroma Miru and Yagura Fuuko, both 17 years old.

A look at their MV:

Team N coupling song:

Team M coupling song:

Team BII coupling song:

Not feeling this song….and don’t know the centers at all..

Purchase NMB48’s new single here:







5 responses to “NMB48 to release 10th single “Rashikunai”

  1. ” Not feeling this song….and don’t know the centers at all..” the idea is that people know more than 2 girls in NMB. I think is great the rote the center, now people at least can say ahh those two girls who center that song. As for the song lately all 48G songs sounds the same for me, same old same old.

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