AKB48 Watanabe Mayu guests as special lecturer for Skyrocket Company

11 Jun

*Skyrocket Company is a radio broadcasting company. I am not very sure what they do as a business but i’m guessing their objective is to promote enthusiasm for work.

Q: You’ve worked hard for Sousenkyo. What is your feelings achieving No.3?
This year i was aiming for a straight win. It feels regretful not being able to do that, but i stopped after accepting reality. *Laughs*

Q:Your comment was also very digified.
It was unbelievable but i felt refreshed.

Q:That’s maturity. Did the members work extra hard during this period?
We work hard everyday and the fans vote to decide, so we have no choice but to work hard.

Q: The teaser for Jounetsu Tairiku shows you falling asleep while setting your hair. How long do you get to sleep?
I was working on a drama recently, there were times when i didn’t sleep at all. It seems enough just to have 1 or 2hours of sleep.My body gets used to it. *Laughs*

Q: Do you feel moody not being able to sleep that much?
I feel thankful just to be able to get work. So i work with the feeling that work will stop coming in. You won’t know when this will really happen.

Q: Do you feel like the stress has been lifted from your shoulders now that the Sousenkyo and drama is over?
Yes(laughs). I was very worried until the Sousenkyo. Now i’m relaxed now that everything’s over.

Q: Singing solo must be very different?
Yes. You don’t see anyone else, so the responsibility lies on myself.

Q: People with a sense of responsibility must feel rewarded in return?
Yes. There are seniors in AKB so i rely on them sometimes. For solo promotions, i have to do it all myself so there’s more responsibility at stake. I also enjoy it more.

Q: In other words, you are the fighter type.
People have told me that i’m stoic. I’m the type to be more enthusiastic if there’s a bigger obstacle.


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