AKB48 Watanabe Mayu talks about her beauty regime and fashion

11 Jun

Q:What do you do maintain your beauty?
I don’t do anything in particular…my eating habits and lifestyle is also bad. Girls my age will search for tips and fashion trends but i am bad with things like Acai Bowl and Juice Cleansing. I just try to be genki.

Q: What about skin care?
My skin is the kind that doesn’t break out, but I use cold water to tighten the skin after washing it. I also remove my makeup before I sleep. I don’t wear makeup on off days to let my skin rest. For my work, i put on as little makeup as possible for the natural look.

Q: Your black hair is one of your charms. We heard that you’ve never dyed it, do you want to?
Recently i wondered how it would be like to dye my hair. Sometimes it feels heavy to have black hair. I’d like to dye a color like Brown which can be seen when light shines on it. I like black but i’ve felt like it’s a waste not to have dyed my hair. In the meantime, i will keep it at black.

Q:What is the secret to your hair?
I go to the salon once a month for things like treatment and head spa. I try to dry my hair quickly after a bath.

Q: What is your summer fashion?
White is the trend now so i bought lots of white items and gaucho pants in different colors.I used to wear skirts more but recently i’ve moved into pants styles.


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