SUPER☆GiRLS release PV for summer single “Icchatte,Yacchatte”

13 Aug

So after hearing this song by Super Girls in the Tokyo Idol Festival 2015, i had to dig out the PV and enjoy it in full! I love the tune and call-outs in the lyrics..

Idol Group SUPERGiRLS  are releasing their 13th single “Icchatte, Yacchatte” on the 19th August 2015. The music video showing them in white bikinis doing limbo dance was revealed.

With the concept of “Super Girls Camp 2015”, the members were seen challenging limbo dancing and busting balloons with their bottoms.

Although it was supposed to be fun, the members were rather serious about the challenges, and some even ended up with bruises on their legs.


Purchase their single below:

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