FRIDAY reports on Itano Tomomi x Takahiro scandal again

18 Jan

Itano Tomomi(22), who graduated from AKB48 in August 2013, has been reported to be in a relationship with EXILE’s vocalist Takahiro(29), yet again.

The couple were first reported to be living in the same building in March 2013 by another tabloid, but this time it is FRIDAY which is exposing more details.

In the article, Tomochin and Takahiro were said to have enjoyed a dinner date. Even though there is no decisive photo, it is said both entered the same shop at different timings, and both entered the same mansion.

Rumors of their relationship were already circulating on the net 3 years ago. However, as there was no evidence, the media did not report it widely. Last year,reporters from Bunshun Shukan published an article claiming that both were living in the same mansion, and had several times spotted Itano getting on an elevator which stopped on the floor Takahiro lived on. The timing when both returned to the mansion also matched up.

In response to the allegations, Itano’s agency explained that she had a meal with Takahiro and his manager, but Takahiro’s agency denied having any meals with Itano at all.


EXILE fans infuriated with Itano Tomomi, demands she breakup with Takahiro

After news of Takahiro and Itano living in the same mansion and enjoying a date were reported in FRIDAY, Itano Tomomi remained silent and did not update her blog and twitter. However, since she has graduated from AKB48 and is now free to date, fans have congratulated her on Twitter…saying things like “I’m cheering you on!”.

On the other hand, a portion of EXILE fans have taken to Itano’s twitter to express their fury. “Break up” or “Move aside” were some of the uglier words sent to her.

However, as Takahiro’s drama is currently airing and Itano’s new single is set to be released, some are questioning if this is a ploy to create noise marketing for their individual projects.


If these 2 have really dated for 3 years, then i wholly support them…!

One Response to “FRIDAY reports on Itano Tomomi x Takahiro scandal again”

  1. anon January 18, 2014 at 12:26 pm #

    if this true they will make a cute couple ❤

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