AKB48 perform Oshima Yuko’s graduation single on Music Station

10 Feb

In this week’s Music Station, there was a poll among foreigners in Akihabara to find out their favourite Japanese artistes. AKB48 came out on top in the female group category. Comments from some foreigners below:

Girl from Indonesia: “I saw AKB48’s song being played in a Pocari Sweat CM in Indonesia..”
Guy from New Zealand: “I like AKB48. We will be watching their theater stage tonight.”
Guy from England: “The girls are really cute…and they wear beautiful costumes on stage.Above all i like their smiles!”
Guy from Venezuela: “Koisuru Fortune Cookie is my favourite song. The lyrics are good …and what’s the name of that center? She’s really beautiful and cute!”

In the talk segment, Oshima Yuko talked about having a meal recently with Takamina, Paruru and Yokoyama Yui. They then performed Oshima Yuko’s last single with the group “Mae Shika Mukanee”.

The song was born after Oshima Yuko conveyed her thoughts to Akimoto Yasushi and features a strong rocker beat and high energy dancing.

In my opinion, even though the song doesn’t have much of an impact visually nor lyrically, one can’t help but notice the Oshima Yuko-style AKB48 that only the girl herself can bring out. Can anyone takeover her place and yet perform something so wild and crazy…? I really can’t think of anyone else.


Purchase Oshima Yuko’s last single with AKB48 below:

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