SOLIDEMO members pledge their support for Mayuyu in upcoming Sousenkyo

24 Apr

8-member male group SOLIDEMO promised to support AKB48 Watanabe Mayu in her bid for the 2nd win in AKB48 7th General Elections, during their anniversary live on the 18th April.

On this day, the group sang “Girlfriend“, the song used in Watanabe Mayu’s first leading drama “Tatakau!Shoten Girl”. The members revealed they have all watched the drama, and Sasaki Kazuya(24) shared “To me her image is AKB’s Watanabe san, but as an actress her skills are so good that i was surprised.” Shunei Watanabe(28) added “Watanabe san’s acting energizes me. It seems like she goes to stage plays often. She must be studying acting too.”

When Shunei heard that Watanabe would be bidding for the 2nd win in the upcoming AKB48 General Elections, he said “We will line up and vote for her!”


I don’t know SOLIDEMO at all but hey your song and your pledge has just earned some points from me!

2 Responses to “SOLIDEMO members pledge their support for Mayuyu in upcoming Sousenkyo”

  1. katarafan April 26, 2015 at 2:16 am #

    I don’t want Mayu to win a 2nd time, period. I was one of those who was super excited when she won last year, expecting an extraordinary 2nd chapter in AKB. However, in retrospect, her reign started more like a whimper than a bang and she didn’t make a great impression overall as queen in her 1st year. KnP is widely considered the worst ssk single and while she shouldn’t get all the blame for this ridiculous song it was the song she got and, well, it’s the song she must be judged alongside with. 2014 was pretty dull for AKB.
    Would Mayu be able to stand out in her second year if she wins in a row? I don’t think so, she gets a lot of hype and sometimes it does her no favours.
    Kashiwagi Yuki for the win!

    • allthingsjpop April 27, 2015 at 2:42 am #

      Well even if she didn’t stand out in AKB, her solo career has made leaps and bounds from what i observed. She’s now a CM queen alongside Kojiharu and Paruru, and her acting career’s starting on a good note. Winning No.1 does have its advantages. I wouldn’t mind if Yukirin wins though. She deserves a win like Mayu.

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