Sato Takeru talks about snubbing by Kamiki Ryunosuke fans during promotions for “Bakuman”

4 Oct

At first, the interviewer asked them about impressions of each other.
Kamiki: He has a mysterious atmosphere around him. When he looks at you in the eyes, it feels like he can see through you. But i realised through Bakuman that he’s just staring into space.

The 2 of you are close. What are some of the things you’d like each other to change?
Sato Takeru:Both of us love manga and went to the Shonen Jump editorial office for filming. It was a sacred place for us so our tension was high. But he was abnormally excited. When someone beside me is like that i become very quiet.

I heard that Kamiki loves photography?
Kamiki: Yes, i’d always talked about doing a photobook for Sato Takeru.
Sato Takeru: Correction! I’d want him to stop doing THIS.
Kamiki: Different corners of his eyes tell different stories. I’d like to see through it.
Sato Takeru: Who are you?!

Tell us something that you feel bitter about.
Sato Takeru: We had a “high school students” only event just now. During the finale I shook hands with fans before leaving but there were 2 who balled up their hands. It means that they wanted to shake hands with Kamiki instead.
Kamiki: That can’t be true!
Sato Takeru: Didn’t you experience it?
Kamiki: I didn’t see it.
Sato Takeru: It’s been bothering me ever since!

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