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Takahashi Minami’s first day sales for “Jane Doe”

5 Apr

Jane Doe

Sales started for Takahashi Minami’s solo debut single “Jane Doe” yesterday and Takamina ended up ranking 2nd behind EXILE’s “Konna Sekai Aisuru Tame”on the Oricon Daily Sales Chart.

Below are figures for her 1st day sales, in comparison with other solo debut sales from AKB48:

1. Maeda Atsuko: Flower 102, 483
2. Itano Tomomi: Dear J 86,681
3. Sashihara Rino: Sore Demo Suki Da Yo 56,879
4. Watanabe Mayu: Sunchro Tokimeki 50,145
5. Takahashi Minami: Jane Doe 45,645
6. Kashiwagi Yuki: Shortcake 45,333
7. Kasai Tomomi: Masaka 12,240
I honestly thought she’d do better since she is under Universal Music and has better vocals among all the solo debuts in AKB.
But i guess popularity really makes a difference.
Ending off with a live performance of “Jane Doe” from Music Japan!

AKB48 performs “Tenohira ga kataru koto/10nen Sakura” on Music Station + Takamina’s “Jane Doe”

29 Mar

First song “Tenohira ga kataru koto” is a charity song released recently to support the fund raising efforts for Tohoku earthquake victims. Click here to find out more about this song.

The second song “10nen Sakura” is an old sakura song from 2009, when Matsui Jurina was just 11 years old. At that time, she was pushed to be the center alongside Maeda Atsuko.


Interesting parts about this talk:

– Takamina being dissed for her bad fashion sense. Photo was shown of her wearing pyjamas-looking sweatsuit with alphabets all over it in public. MC Tamori-san says he wouldn’t dare to talk to her if he saw her like that.

– Talk about the upcoming elections. Mayuyu mentioned that graduated members/overseas members can also join. Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun said “Yes!” as if he’s interested in becoming a candidate. MC Tamori-san got excited and said he wants to join too.

– Talk about their dreams during childhood. Tomochin wanted to be a singer. Yukirin wanted to buy alot of bread since she loved them.   Yamamoto Sayaka wanted to be a world famous lyricist.

– Talk about their first income. Kojiharu mentioned hers was about 400k yen~500k yen. To claim their transport fare, they had to write down the routes they took to commute to work everyday.


And this is Takamina’s solo song “Jane Doe”!
She must be too nervous! Off beat and off pitch right from the start! And that stray strand of hair blocked her face for half of the song!

Takahashi Minami’s first live performance of “Jane Doe” on Music Fair

24 Mar

Fierce performance with pitch-on vocals, though i think her voice could be stronger.
She’s lacking some background dancers too…dancing along is so awkward.

Takahashi Minami’s debut solo single “Jane Doe”

21 Mar

AKB48’s General Manager Takahashi Minami has just unveiled the short mv for her debut solo single “Jane Doe”. This song will be used as the opening theme for Nakama Yukie’s upcoming drama “Saki”, set to release on April 3. Check out the short mv and full audio below!

Takamina has one of the better voices in AKB48, so i was actually hoping she’d release a song showcasing her vocals….but this song seems like it has some room for visual performance so we should look forward to her live soon!