50 fans experience getting married with Kojima Haruna

20 May

AKB48 Kojima Haruna(27) marked sales of 150,000 for her photobook “Dousuru?” with a special event for fans on the 18th May 2015. This event is titled “Kojima Haruna and 50 Bridegrooms”.

As suggested, 50 lucky fans who bought Kojima’s photobook were chosen to attend a reception where they would experience getting married to Kojima Haruna. Kojima turned up in complete wedding dress and took a photo with all 50 bridegrooms. Pictures of her growing up were played on a screen and she even cut the wedding cake to make the whole experience more realistic. “I’m happy to be surrounded by men dressed in such a beautiful dress,” she said.

Having just turned 27 on the 19th April, Kojima confessed to feeling worried since it is said that wearing a wedding dress before getting married would jinx her chances in future. “I feel the crisis. Once i graduate, when i think about meeting people, there’s not much time.”

Kojima also expressed excitement when talking about blind meetings. “I want to do them! My ideal type is someone kind, funny, and calm.Someone who doesn’t expect anything of me.”

When Tokyo Sports offered to help her source for the ideal partner, she said “Your choices can’t be reliable. No way!” When asked if she found the ideal partner in any of the 50 fans who attended her event today, she also denied.

On this day figure skater Asada Mao announced her return to competitive skating. When asked if she had decided to graduate yet, Kojima said “Hmm….For me, it’s also half half!” (She’s actually mimicking Asada Mao who once said her chances of continuing skating is 50-50.

On the upcoming Sousenkyo which will take place on 6th June at Fukuoka’s Yafuoku Dome, Kojima said that she’d probably not be able to see anything from outside. “I will go to the event location but I’m not sure,” she laughed.

Kojima also said that she hopes fellow first generation member Takahashi Minami(24) would place first, and also showed her support for Minegishi Minami.

3 Responses to “50 fans experience getting married with Kojima Haruna”

  1. anon May 20, 2015 at 11:18 pm #

    I think Kojiharu knows plenty of people who she can date, but of course she does not talk about that nor we know. I do hope she gets married with someone not too much older than her and really handsome XD. I sometimes wonder why these famous Japanese women get married whit someone so much older than them and not really good looking

  2. lulu May 21, 2015 at 12:40 pm #

    I am always glad you like Kojiharu and translate some of her news 🙂 the few blogs I knew are all closed :(. Anyway, Kojiharu really knows how to create effective promotions, I’ve heard about her PB since January, and even after it was released like one month ago it is still in the news amazing haha.

    I hope she does not rush and get married after her graduation; you have Shinoda, Sayaka, Yuko and other graduates members ( well the ones I know ) that I don’t think are getting married any time soon.


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    […] the “Kojima Haruna and 50 Bridegrooms” event previously, another event “Kojima Haruna and 50 ‘What to do?’ Ladies” […]

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